catedral de pamplona pcture

The current cathedral of St Mary in Pamplona, in gothic style, was built in the 15th century thanks to Carlos III, King of Navarra and Cardinal Martín de Zalba, who was the town’s bishop.

Other cathedral dependencies were built a century before: cloister, refectory (canteen), kitchen, bedrooms, storeroom/pantry... The whole cathedral complex substituted a Romanic cathedral which was built in the 12th century of which part of the Episcopal palace and the chapel to St Jesus Christ remain. Its neoclassic facade was built at the end of the 18th century.

Pamplona Cathedral stands out for three main reasons:
- For its religious importance as the cathedral houses the bishop’s chair.
- For its artistic value as the most important Gothic monument complex in Navarra.
- For the role it played in the former kingdom of Navarra.